Industries & Capabilities

Aesthetic Treatments
System integrators using DOE gain competitive advantages by reducing system complexity and enhancing performance.
Material Processing
DOE integration within high-powered laser systems has revolutionized the industry and is crucial in optimizing system throughput
Structured Light
DOE are used to create tailored light patterns that enable laser metrology and machine vision.
Diffractive optics are used in direct writing lithography and in wafer inspection.
Research & Scientific Applications
Many of our customers use DOE in their scientific research fields.

Optical Design Capabilities

  1. Skilled and experienced optical designers
  2. In-house and commercial tools for DOE design
  3. Proprietary algorithms for optimization of DOE
  4. Complex optical systems design integrating both  Diffractive and refractive components 
  5. R&D prototyping laboratory  

Photolithographic DOE fabrication

  1. Direct write and photomask lithography
  2. RIE/ICP Plasma etching of optical substrates
  3. Wafer level manufacturing and dicing
  4. DOE Inspection by profilometer and microscope
  5. Laser testing of DOE performance in our test lab

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