HOLO/OR offers diffractive Achromat lenses that have the same focal length for 3 harmonies of Nd:YAG lasers (355nmm 532nm and 1064nm).

These Triple Wavelength (TW) lenses are ideally suitable for high power applications, where standard Achromats made by using lenses with different refractive indices often suffer from limited laser damage threshold. Due to the high accuracy of the manufacturing methods of diffractive optical elements, our lenses are aberration-free at all 3 design wavelengths, enabling tighter focusing and higher power density at focus compared to standard Achromat lenses.

All TW elements are planar, light and thin windows that are easy to integrate into limited spaces in high power systems. These diffractive lenses are also called Multi-Order Diffractive Lenses (“MOD lenses”). For more data and comparison to standard Achromats, read here

Diffractive Achromat

Comparison to other Focusing solutions

Parameter/SolutionRegular Fused Silica LensRefractive AchromatDiffractive Achromat
Spherical abberations correctedNoYesYes
Chromatic abberations correctedNoYesYes
Coefficient of thermal defocus-21.1Material dependent1.1
Laser Damage Threshold (LDT) HighLowHigh
Efficency~100%~100%>90% for design wavelengths

Standard Product Specifications

HOLO/OR currently offers the Triple Wavelength TW-001-UQI-Y-A, with a focal length of 150mm and diffraction limited spot size performance for 355, 532 and 1064nm wavelengths. Other element sizes and EFL values are available on demand.

PNFocal Length [mm]Thickness [mm]Diameter [mm]Clear Aperture [mm]Material Wavelengths [nm]Add to Quote
TW-001-UQI-T-A15031512Fused Silica355,532 and 1064 Add to Quote