Diffractive Laser Induced Texturing (DLITe)

Patterning surfaces of different materials has great economic and ecological potential. Products with modified surfaces can have longer lifetimes, improved ease of cleaning and lower friction.

Various application-tailored surface properties, can be easily added to a surface using Laser Surface Texturing (LST) methods. Properties such as tribological functions, hydrophobia, increased light scattering, self-clean, antiseptic properties and more.

The continuously growing availability of laser power enables laser processing of progressively larger areas, while maintaining LST inherent advantages of precision, dry environment, microscale features and geometry flexibility.

Holo/Or’s DLITe was developed to enable such large area processing. DLITe is a new category of diffractive beam splitters, aimed at Diffractive Laser Induce Texturing.

DLITe beam splitters are specially designed diffractive optical elements (DOEs) that shape a high-power laser beam into a precise array of laser spot s. These spots can be gaussian dots, lines or sharp edged flat-top shapes, such as rectangles or squares, with user defined separations between them. DLITe are designed to enable patterning of large areas without any movement of the galvo scanner or stage. They are limited only by laser power and focus optics.  The patterned areas can then be stitched together at a high speed by external movement, to achieve industrial processing speeds.

DLITe 51x51 Gaussian spots
DLITe 51x51 Gaussian spots
DLITe 51X51 spots - 1D along axis
DLITe 51X51 spots - 1D along axis

Surface patterning using HiLASE PERLA laser and Holo/Or DLITe beam splitter with 51×51 spots / 40×40 mm area patterning in 1.6 seconds

Curtesy of HiLASE Centre

DLITe splitters for laser surface texturing are easy to integrate, requiring a simple optical setup consisting of a laser, the splitter and a focusing lens. They are insensitive to centration and will work well with normal optical tolerances.

DLITe concept for LST has been previously published as a scholarly article here,  and was experimentally demonstrated by HiLASE center using their PERLA laser. Initial results are shown on the video to the right. See full published results here.


Available array patternsGaussian spots, Flat-top spots (round / rectangle / square), Lines
Wavelength193 - 10600nm
Beam diameter6-30 mm
PitchDependent on focusing optics
MaterialUV grade fused silica
DimensionsFrom 2x2mm up to 150mm diameter (square or round)
element thickness1.5-3 mm

Standard Dlite Elements

Wavelength [nm]
Number of Spots
Pitch at EFL=100mm [um]
Array size at EFL=100mm [mm]
Recommended input beam size [mm]
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Custom  DLITe DOEs

If you are interested in custom DOEs, please contact us providing the following data:

  • Description of application
  • Wavelength
  • Beam definition (diameter, input mode, divergence)
  • DOE dimension – if some specific values are needed
  • Working distance
  • Requested output shape at working distance
  • Special needs (high efficiency, high homogeneity, AR coating)
  • Quantity for samples and serial production