Precise and efficient homogenizing solution

A Micro Lens Array (MLA) contains multiple micro lenses in a square or hexagonal packing. Such arrays are often used for homogenization, beam shaping and coupling into fibers. Holo/Or’s MLAs are made of a high quality laser grade UV fused silica and are AR coated to handle high powered lasers, especially those used in medical and industrial applications.

Our advanced fabrication process allows us to offer you tailored high-resolution MLAs with SAG of up to 15um, including aspherization, conic constant control, and prism power, all according to your requirements. Our MLAs are offered with various packing-  cylindrical, square, rectangle and hexagonal.

For cost sensitive applications we offer polymer on glass (POG) MLA solutions with high durability to environmental conditions, suitable for low and mid-power laser applications.  

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Refractive micro lens array MLA


  • UV fused silica or polymer on glass (POG) materials
  • Compatible with high powered laser systems
  • Packing ratio close to 100%
  • AR coating


  • Laser homogenizing and shaping
  • Laser material processing
  • Medical/aesthetic laser treatments
  • Hot spot reducer

Micro lens array specs:

Fused silica (UV grade), Polymer on Glass
2X2mm to 100X100mm square, 4'', 6'' round wafers
Round lenses in square, hex , linear grid
Square lenses
Cylindrical lenses
Pitch (um)
Sag (um)
ROC (um)
30-5000 +-5%
Coating options
AR/AR broadband (VIS+NIR, UV+VIS) or single wavelength as desired/ uncoated