Precise and efficient homogenizing solution

A Micro Lens Array (MLA) contains multiple micro lenses in a square or hexagonal packing. Such arrays are often used for homogenization, beam shaping and coupling into fibers. Holo/Or’s MLAs are AR coated to handle high powered lasers, especially those used in medical and industrial applications.

Our advanced fabrication process allows us to offer you tailored high-resolution MLAs with SAG of up to 15um, including aspherization, conic constant control, and prism power, all according to your requirements. Our MLAs are offered with various packing-  cylindrical, square, rectangle and hexagonal.

For cost sensitive applications we offer polymer on glass (POG) MLA solutions with high durability to environmental conditions, suitable for low and mid-power laser applications.  

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Refractive micro lens array MLA
Micro Lens Array


  • Polymer on glass (POG)  or Fused silica material
  • Compatible with high powered laser systems
  • Packing ratio close to 100%
  • AR coating


  • Laser homogenizing and shaping
  • Laser material processing
  • Medical/aesthetic laser treatments
  • Hot spot reducer

Micro lens array specs:

Polymer on Glass, Fused silica
Wavelength Range
Polymer on Glass: 450-1080nm , Fused silica: 193-3300nm
2X2mm to 100X100mm square, 4'', 6'' round wafers
Round lenses in square, hex , linear grid
Square lenses
Cylindrical lenses
Pitch (um)
Sag (um)
ROC (um)
30-5000 +-5%
Coating options
AR/AR broadband (VIS+NIR, UV+VIS) or single wavelength as desired/ uncoated