Beam splitter elements are diffractive optical elements used to split a single laser beam into several beams, each with the characteristics of the original beam (except for power and angle of propagation).
HOLO/OR can manufacture a diffractive beam splitter pattern directly on plano-convex lens. This will produce a focused multispot pattern with an inter-spot distance defined by the customer at a specific working distance. These spots can be aligned in a line, matrix or in any other custom shape such as an hexagonal, cross , round , triangle …
HOLO/OR offers, in addition to standard beam splitters, the possibility to choose the number of spots and their locations, as a part of its custom design and manufacturing capability.
Features of beam splitters: any input beam shape (SM/MM), insensitive to X-Y-Z displacements, high power threshold, accurate separation angle and available in wavelengths from UV to IR.
Our beam splitters are used in a wide variety of research and industrial applications. Some typical areas include  aesthetic skin treatment, laser scribing, laser dicing,  3D sensors, fiber optics and medical applications.

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