Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, Autonomous Cars and Medicine are just a among the applications which require projection of patterns with very large angles (Standard Beam Splitters, Random MultiSpot, Multi-Lines, Homogenizers, Multi-Rings or other custom pattern).

HOLO/OR offers high-angle magnification modules, suitable for all wavelengths and made from Polycarbonate or Glass substrates. These modules are available for a variety of angles, magnifications and different price ranges.

Each module includes a pattern generating Diffractive Optical Element (DOE) and lens-system to provide magnification (without aperture clipping). These modules can be integrated into existing laser systems, with no built-in laser source that limits the customer to a certain wavelength and intensity.

HOLO/OR offers solutions for both rapid prototyping in plastic material, as well as mass production in plastic and glass substrates.
For many applications, the pincushion distortion of the projected pattern is not an issue. However, for applications where this distortion needs to be corrected, HOLO/OR can provide such correction for the plastic module.

Modules for round, square and rectangular patterns:

TypePlastic ModuleGlass Module
Substrate PolycarbonateLAH65 / FS
Product categories to be used with the moduleBeam Splitters – Multi Spots Beam Shapers – Homogenizer, Multi-Rings, Multi-Lines, CustomBeam Splitters – Multi Spots Beam Shapers – Homogenizer, Multi-Rings, Multi-Lines, Custom
Max power [W/cm2]51000
Max angle [deg]80x80 square 120 round110x110 square 160 round
Maximum input beam diameter22
Module size [mm]50x30*28x30*
Suitable for400-1050nm355-1550nm
Distortion correctionOptionalNo
*: Holo/Or can customize the module size per request (for example: we have designed and manufactured a module for endoscopy with 3mm diameter).

Typical applications:

  • LiDAR
  • Projection Marking
  • Surface Inspection
  • Cylindrical / Tube Mapping (endoscopy, gas pipe leakage detection, etc.)

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