Structured light diffractive optical elements (DOE) are specially designed to split or shape a single laser beam to cover a large field of view.

By upgrading our production facilities, Holo/Or now offers high-angle, high-quality, high-efficiency Beam Splitters and Beam Shapers DOE for both low and high-power applications ranging from mW to KW range.

Our DOE are made of either UV-grade Fused Silica, or low cost option such as polymer on glass or injection molded plastic.  The main plastic types are: Polycarbonate, PMMA, Zeonex and Zoner.

Typical applications include structured light 3D sensing,  LIDAR and light projection.

Holo/Or is happy to launch this brand new High-angle Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) product line to meet our customers’ demands.

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Random high-angle MS


Possible multi-spot (dot / line generator) patternsRandom spots, Spot array (1xM), Spot matrix (MxN), Multi-line, Grid
Possible diffuser (homogenizer) patternsCircle, Square, Rectangle, Line, Custom
Wavelength266 - 2200 nm
Full angle @ 850 nmUp to 80x80 degrees
Zero OrderAngle dependent, can be optimized for eye-safety
MaterialUV grade fused silica, Polymer on Glass or Plastic
DimensionsFrom 2x2mm up to 150mm diameter (square or round)

Beam Splitter

Target DOEs

Multispot DOEs with the remark “target” is an element that produces a number of spots building a typical target, refer also to below image.

Random DOEs

Multispot DOEs with the remark “random” have a random pattern of spots, when 50% of the dot matrix are potential spots and will be “on”, and this is determined by a randomizing algorithm.

Standard MS DOEs

Multispot DOEs without any additional remark, show a homogenous distribution of the spots, as shown in the image below:

random multispot doe
Standard MS DOEs

Diffuser / Homogenizer

For structured light solution, please contact us and provide the following details  

If you are interested in custom DOEs, please provide the following data:

  • Description of application
  • Wavelength
  • Beam definition (diameter, input mode, divergence)
  • DOE dimension – if some specific values are needed
  • Working distance
  • Requested output shape at working distance
  • Special needs (high efficiency, high homogeneity, AR coating)
  • Quantity for samples and serial production