HOLO/OR develops, designs and manufactures Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs), micro-optical elements and opto-mechanical modules. Our DOE products are being used for various applications mainly involving high-precision and high-power lasers. Hundreds of customers from around the globe are already using our technology.

HOLO/OR was founded in 1989, and was the very first company to develop high-efficiency diffractive optical elements for commercial use at affordable prices. thereafter, HOLO/OR developed a process for high laser damage threshold (LDT) DOEs which until today only a few companies worldwide are able to offer.

for the past 3 decades, HOLO/OR has gained a considerable know-how experience in design, simulations and manufacture of DOEs, using its in-house IP software and tools. HOLO/OR works with hundreds of customers and 8 active distributors in 4 continents. We work with most of the largest laser companies in the USA, China, Japan, South Korea and Germany.


A diffractive optical element (DOE), is a phase element. It is designed with thin micro-structure patterns to alter the phase of the light propagated through it. Those micro-structures, once properly designed, can manipulate the light to almost any desired intensity profile or shape. HOLO/OR can produce DOEs out of pure Fused Silica, ZnSe, Germanium, Polymer on Glass, Poly-carbonate and more. Typically, DOEs are designed for a specific wavelength.

Diffractive optics enables many functions and light manipulations which are not feasible in standard refractive optics. In many applications those functions are very beneficial and significantly improve the system’s performance. 

HOLO/OR offers a vast variety of standard diffractive optics products of the families listed below, and can also tailor make custom designs for every customer according to their specifications and needs.


The beam shaping elements are diffractive optical elements (DOEs) used to transform a near-gaussian incident laser beam into a uniform-intensity spot of either round, rectangular, square, line or other shape with sharp edges in a specific work plane.
A uniform spot enables equal treatment to a surface, excluding over/under-exposure of specific areas. In addition, the spot is characterized by a sharp transition region that creates a clear border between the treated and untreated area.
For single mode lasers, we offer the following beam shaping solutions:

  • Focal Beam Shaping: Hybrid element (lens) or module which gives a Top-Hat intensity distribution at a specific working distance (BFL of the lens or distance from exit location of the module to Top-Hat plane).
  • Angular Beam Shaping: Optical element (window) which gives a Top-Hat intensity distribution at infinity or focal length of aberration free customer’s lens. 
  • M-Shaper: Optical element (window) which gives a uniform exposure over scanned lines.
For multimode lasers, Holo/Or offers a wide selection of Flat-Top diffusers, with  shaping into round, square, line and rectangular spots. 
We also offer 3 families of Ring shapers- Vortex lenses,  Diffractive Axicons and Multi-ring shapers. 

Application notes of Beam Shaping elements


Beam splitter elements are diffractive optical elements used to split a single laser beam into several beams, each with the characteristics of the original beam (except for power and angle of propagation).
HOLO/OR can manufacture a diffractive beam splitter pattern directly on plano-convex lens. This will produce a focused multispot pattern with an inter-spot distance defined by the customer at a specific working distance. These spots can be aligned in a line, matrix or in any other custom shape such as an hexagonal, cross , round , triangle …
HOLO/OR offers, in addition to standard beam splitters, the possibility to choose the number of spots and their locations, as a part of its custom design and manufacturing capability.
Features of beam splitters: any input beam shape (SM/MM), insensitive to X-Y-Z displacements, high power threshold, accurate separation angle and available in wavelengths from UV to IR.
Our beam splitters are used in a wide variety of research and industrial applications. Some typical areas include  aesthetic skin treatment, laser scribing, laser dicing,  3D sensors, fiber optics and medical applications.

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Focal shaping products are DOEs, or modules containing DOEs, which can manipulate the focal properties of a laser beam. 

These type of elements are capable of either increasing the depth of focus (Elongated Focus DOE, DeepCleve), splitting the focus into several equal foci with controlled number of foci and separation distances  (Multi-Focal DOE), or manipulate different harmonies of the same Nd:YAG laser source (355nmm 532nm and 1064nm) focus all on the same plane (Diffractive Achromat). 

Our focal shaping elements are widely used in transparent material processing such as laser glass cutting or drilling, microscopy applications, measurement and alignment and more.

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HOLO/OR provides a variety of optical systems and opto-mechanic accessories for DOEs:

  • UDOB: A compact universal module for blocking undesired spots of Multi-Spots or parasitic energy of Homogenizers.
  • DOE Tuner: A Variable beam tuner, optimizes for use with Beam Shapers, Homogenizers, Beam Splitters and other DOE products.
  • Dielectric Mask: Dielectric masks are glass substrates that have very thin (~1um) patterned reflective coating. The coated part reflects the incoming beam while the uncoated part transmits the beam.
  • Beam Shaping Focuser: For applications requiring an abberation-free image in focal plane, with high-precision, HOLO/OR developed a new optimized focusing module to be used with our beam shapers.
  • DOE Expander: HOLO/OR introduces a new module for modifying certain output parameters of Diffractive Optical Elements. The module reduces or expands the full angle of a DOE output by a magnification factor.