HOLO/OR offers its customers the opportunity to obtain custom solutions such as: 

As a diffractive optic power-house, HOLO/OR specializes in combining refractive and diffractive optical solutions to achieve optimal performances.
HOLO/OR routinely looks at the toughest optical problems and delivers breakthrough solutions through world-class optical design. If you need an innovative partner to help turn your ideas into reality, we invite you to contact us about your application.
We can build your entire optical system or add single optical elements to your system.
We have a rich background in leading optical projects from the initial conceptual phase up to product delivery and after sales support. All the way through: detailed design, prototype manufacturing, and ultimately production.
HOLO/OR uses top commercial optical design and physical optics software – Zemax and VirtualLab (VirtualLab present an extremely accurate physical propagation engine, and it is the most powerful software when combining refractive and diffractive optical elements). In addition, we have our in-house diffractive optics design software, DOECAD, MATLAB toolbox, and many IP algorithms.

In applications requiring multi-spectral focal dispersion, HOLO/OR offers a flexible and compact diffractive solution. A refractive lens alone has a small dispersive component, due to slight spectral dependence of the lens material optical index. As a result, the spectral foci are discreet but very close to one another. A diffractive surface is a compact effective solution for “stretching out” or expanding the inter-focal distance between two or more spectral foci.
On the other hand, a diffractive surface is also an effective solution for combining foci of assorted wavelengths to a single focal point.

Diffractive lenslet arrays are substrates covered with a set of micro diffractive lenses. The arrays perform as diffusers or for local focusing and sampling. A diffractive lenslet array has the advantage of 100% fill factor, much higher than refractive lenslet array. Aberration corrected micro lenses for imaging systems are easily designed and fabricated.
HOLO/OR also offers 1-D micro lens arrays, lenslet arrays with shifted center.

When the wavefront is different from the desired shape, a DOE element can be used to correct the deviation. 
The wavefront deviation from desired shape must be constant in time, because each part of the element introduces a specific phase correction

Diffractive lenses are used to focus monochromatic light (often laser light). A diffractive lens consists of a series of radial rings or “zones” of decreasing width (known also as Fresnel zones). The diffractive lens is a perfect lens which include spherical aberration correction. As a general rule, diffractive elements work best at a single wavelength. At any other wavelength the efficiency as well as image contrast are reduced. However, the diffractive lens can be used also as chromatic aberration corrector and, in this case, the image contrast will not be reduced. The diffractive lens can be used also to reduce the number of elements in a system.

Customize etching / lithography for non optical devices
Intraocular lenses (IOL)

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