HOLO/OR Ltd.manufactures, develops and designs diffractive and micro-optical elements, since 1989. It’s FAB, laboratories and offices are located in the Kiryat Weizmann High Tech Industrial Park, next to the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel.
Our capabilities include:

Optical Design

Diffractive Optical Design:

  • HOLO/OR gained over the last three decades vast experience in designing and developing diffractive optical elements (DOE). Using our in house software and algorithms, our designs reach top quality in terms of efficiency, uniformity and other required parameters.
  • HOLO/OR now holds an extensive multifunctional design database, enabling us to give fast solutions for different applications and customer needs.
  • Integrating manufacturing tolerances into the diffractive design enables us to predict the actual performance after manufacturing.

Optical Systems design: In addition to the mentioned diffractive designs, HOLO/OR also designs both refractive optical systems and hybrid refractive/diffractive systems.

Special R&D projects and tailored optics: HOLO/OR has a broad experience in managing R&D projects in different areas and applications, for example diffractive eyeglasses, endoscopy, Material processing, Metrology, Aesthetical and Medical applications. Our multidisciplinary R&D team is highly qualified to meet any challenge in the field of optics and computer science.

DOE Fabrication

Photolithographic DOE fabrication: Includes mask fabrication and alignment, coating and development of photo resist, wet and RIE etching of a variety of materials and measurement capabilities of surface profiles and shapes. Our Know-how is based on long-term experience and experiments with chemical and physical processes, using mathematical characterization and proprietary optimization of parameters and processes. This all enables us to produce high quality diffractive optical elements (DOE’s).

Mask Design and Fabrication: This includes creating a mask design from the optical design parameters. This allows manufacture using a Photolithographic process with RIE etching. HOLO/OR ‘s mask design know-how includes proprietary algorithms for optimization of the design and proprietary software compatible with mask fabrication machine software e.g. Postscript, GDSII etc.. HOLO/OR has a well-established access to leading mask manufacturers that use high-resolution laser plotters and E-beam machines.

High laser damage threshold: The DOE’s consist typically out of a pure substrate. The diffractive pattern is etched away. Therefore, after the manufacture there are no foreign materials present. The most popular pure materials offered include, Fused Silica, Zinc Selenide and Polycarbonate. This enables to reach the highest laser damage threshold in the industry. As a part of the European FP7 project we also confirmed this with extremely high power picosecond lasers.


Optical Measurement Service: Our capabilities enable to offer a service of measurement of various component and system parameters. The customer can define the specified data of interest. Based on that we will design and build an effective set-up to measure the data requested, and normally, also perform the measurements in-house. The customer can also define how to measure the data, and we will just build the set-up in our lab and use our in-house advanced equipment to perform accurate and well-documented measurements.

Major equipment and facilities

  • Photolithographic Lab
  • Clean Room
  • Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) Facility
  • UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometers with Integrating spheres
  • UV/VIS/NIR/IR lasers and light sources
  • Profilometers
  • Power meters, Beam analyzers
  • Large stock of unique Diffractive and Refractive UV-VIS-NIR-IR optics