HOLO/OR is a high-tech company dedicated to the design and manufacturing of beam shaping elements.
The beam shaping element is a diffractive optical element (DOE) used to transform a near-gaussian incident laser beam into a uniform-intensity spot of either round, rectangular, square, line or other shape with sharp edges in a specific work plane.
A uniform spot enables equal treatment to a surface, excluding over/under-exposure of specific areas. In addition, the spot is characterized by a sharp transition region that creates a clear border between the treated and untreated area.
For single mode lasers, we offer the following beam shaping solutions:

  • Focal Beam Shaping: Hybrid element (lens) or module which give a Top-Hat intensity distribution at a specific working distance (BFL of the lens or distance from exit location of the module to Top-Hat plane).
  • Angular Beam Shaping: Optical element (window) which gives a Top-Hat intensity distribution at infinity or focal length of aberration free customer’s lens. 
  • M-Shaper: Optical element (window) which gives a uniform exposure over scanned lines.
For multimode lasers, Holo/Or offers a wide selection of Flat-Top diffusers, with  shaping into round, square, line and rectangular spots. 
We also offer 3 families of Ring shapers- Vortex lenses,  Diffractive Axicons and Multi-ring shapers. 

Application notes of Beam Shaping elements