Elongated Focus with uniform intensity

 Our  DeepCleave module focuses an incident single mode laser into  a  tight spot with  ~ 1.8 um waist size along the  entire Depth of Focus range (1-2mm typical range) .

The focused spot is equivalent to 0.35 objective NA and is ideally suited for glass cutting of thick glasses, such as flat panels. 

This module is a complete optical solution for cutting applications. No need  for additional high NA objectives or other high cost  optics. 

The DeepCleave module differs from standard EF elements by constant peak power along the focus region and requires  low M^2 and accurate  input beam size.

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Why choose DeepCleave for your glass cutting application:

  • Full depth glass cut from single pulse
  • Complete solution in a single module
  • Very low aberrations level- spot diameter <2um
  • Easy to integrate into existing opto-mechanics. 
Deepcleave glass cutting
Ray tracing simulation of standard Bessel Beam (red) Vs. DeepCleave (Blue) - Almost no energy is wasted in Deepcleave
DeepCleave glass cutting
Physical Optics Simulation of DeepCleave
Intensity profile along Z axis for DeepCleave

Specifications of DeepCleave Module ZT-001-J

Wavelengths1030nm, 1064nm, others by request
Required laser input Single mode M2<1.3
Input Beam Diameter (exp^-2)6mm (+-10% )
Depth of Focus in Air~1mm
Waist Diameter (exp^-2) 1.8um
Working Distance 7.4mm
Dimensions30.5mm diameter x106 mm length
Mounting ThreadsSM1, SM05 external
Optical elements MaterialFused Silica

* Depth of focus can be customized according to customer need.

Zemax Blackbox (zbb) of DeepCleave is available on demand – Contact us