LeanLineTM is HOLO/OR’s innovative solution for transformation of a round input beam into a narrow laser line, useful in various high power applications, especially with UV and green wavelengths (343, 355, and 532 nm). These applications include laser lift off, flexible display production, solar cell processing and polymer welding.
HOLO/OR offers a robust 2-module system that converts a low coherence, round input into a narrow line with a user determined length (100mm-750mm).
Our solution is based on proprietary diffractive beam shaping concepts and can be tailored to any wavelength from 193nm deep UV to 1600nm IR lasers. By utilizing our solution, you can use lower power, lower cost lasers to achieve the same power density in a thin line, allowing major savings.

Laser 532nm, line 64mm x 28um

Laser 355nm, line 100mm x 11um

Profile along laser line

Diffractive solution advantages:

  • Easy alignment and installation
  • Extremely high precision for beam quality transformation, achieved by the lithography production process
  • A fully transmissive (no reflection), on-axis system
  • Aberration free
  • Can be easily modified to produce different line lengths and widths
  • No internal focus points
  • Available in a wide spectral range from DUV to NIR.
The solution includes two modules:
  • The first module is used for beam quality transformation and thin line beam shaping.
  • The second module is used for line length control and focusing in the narrow axis.


Wavelength:193-1600 [nm] 1
Input M2:15-25
Field size at working distance (FW 95%) - Long axis :100±0.5 [mm] 2
Long axis profile:Flat-Top
Long axis inhomogeneity:=5%
Field size at working distance (FWHM) - Short axis (Gaussian profile):< 10 [um] 3
Efficiency:= 75 %
Working distance:125 [mm] 4
Energy density at sample:Laser power dependent
Dimensions:Module 1: 30mm diameter, 600mm length Module 2: 30mmx20mmx110mm
Full System length:1200[mm]


Laser annealing to improve process quality in a variety of industries:

  • Lift off process for manufacturing flexible displays
  • OLED displays
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Thin-film solar cell production
  • Sensor production


Processing of a broad range of materials including:

  • Silicon
  • Silicon on glass
  • Polymers
  • ITO on glass

1. One wavelength per system, max spectral width 2% of input wavelength
2. Can be changed to other line widths up to 750mm. contact us for details.
3. Dependent on wavelength, working distance & M2. This value is for 355nm, working distance 125mm and M2=25.
4. Can be changed according to customer requirements

Comparison between LeanLine solution and traditional optics:

The LeanLine system achieves power density and depth of focus which are impossible to achieve using standard focusing optics with a multi-mode laser. 

System ParameterValue
Wavelength355 nm
Target line thickness30 um
EFL150 mm
ParameterLeanLine Traditional optics
Required beam size 4.5 mm57 mm
Rayleigh length1 mm0.078 mm

The above parameters show that generating a long line (hundreds of millimeters) with traditional optics, it is needed to use several large and expensive cylindrical lenses. Even when a smaller line is desired, there is an innate tradeoff between depth of focus and achievable thickness. 

With the LeanLine concept, the M2 transformation enables long DOF while maintaining a narrow line thickness. For shorter lines, it also enables the use of single cylindrical lenses that are commercially available. The following are real images taken after LeanLine M2 transformation module prototypes. 
Vertical beam quality factor after conversion is ~ 2. 

Real images taken after LeanLine M2 transformation module prototypes:

355 nm system

532 nm system

LeanLine M2 transformation module video