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Focusing Module optimized for Beam Shaper

Beam Shaping Focuser
Focusing Module optimized for Beam Shaper
For applications requiring an aberration-free image in focus plane, with a high precision, HOLO/OR developed a new optimized focusing module to be used with our Beam Shapers.
A standard focusing lens (or objective) is normally optimized for focusing a Gaussian beam and is not optimized to work with a Beam Shaper. Thus, the use of standard focusing lens with Beam-Shapers often causes aberrations of the Top-Hat image and requires special design of a focusing lens or module. These aberrations will normally occur at small focal lengths, short wavelength and large input beam.
In order to solve this problem, HOLO/OR designed a focusing module (with focal length 50 [mm]) adapted to our Beam Shaper working at 355 [nm].
The module contains 5 lenses, and the Top-Hat output is obtained at the back focal length of the module.

HOLO/OR offers customization of the module for other wavelengths and focal length.

The focusing module presents the following features:
  • Free-aberrations module
  • Focal lengths: 30 and 50 [mm]
  • Wavelength (optimized): 355 [nm]
  • Material: Fused Silica
  • Max. input beam size = 12 [mm]
  • Optional - Objective correction collar
Typical set-up
focusing module sketch set-up

Comparison between Square Top-Hats result at image plane obtained by different focusing elements / objectives:

Ideal Lens (Theoretical only) Aspheric lens Standard Focusing Module HOLO/OR’s Focusing Module
beam shaper with perfect lens beam shaper with aspherical lens beam shaper with standard focusing module beam shaper with Holo/Or focusing module
Simulation results for a Square Top-Hat 100x100[µm2] in size, with (from left to right): perfect lens (not real lens) for ideal spot, aspheric lens, standard focusing module not optimized for use with a Beam Shaper and Holo/Or’s focusing module optimized for use with Beam Shapers.

Table parameters of Beam Shaping Focusers:

Part Number Focal Length (mm) Outer Diameter (mm) Max input beam (mm) Material module length(mm) Zemax Black Box
Objective-001-U 50 45 12 Fused Silica 38.5
Objective-002-U 30 45 12 Fused Silica 31
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