Custom Beam SPLITTER products

The Diffractive Beam Splitter (or dot generator) is a diffractive optical element used to split a single laser beam into several beams, each with the characteristics of the original beam (except for its power and angle of propagation). 

A diffractive beam splitter can generate either a 1-dimensional beam array (1xN) or a 2-dimensional beam matrix (MxN), depending on the diffractive pattern on the element. The diffractive beam splitter is used with monochromatic light such as a laser beam, and is designed for a specific wavelength and angle of separation between its output beams. 

Typical applications of Optical Beam Splitters include: Laser scribing such as in solar cells or panels, Laser dicing, Laser perforation, Medical/aesthetic applications such as skin treatments, 3D sensing & projection. Read more about Multispot Beam Splitters in the application notes.

In this section, we present our standard list of custom shape beam splitter. If you can not find the exact spec required we can design custom elements with your specs as a part of our custom design and manufacturing capabilities.

Press here for our list of standard diffractive 1D beam splitters or 2D beam splitters

custom beam Splitter - Hexagonal
Hexagonal Beam Splitter
Beam Splitter- Round
Round Beam Splitter

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Need shorter lead time? Lead time of uncoated DOE is 4 weeks shorter!
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Holo/Or offers Diffractive Optical Elements in a wide variety of wavelength between 180nm and 11um

For DOE solutions outside this range, please contact us for custom solutions.

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MaterialsFused Silica, Sapphire, ZnSe, Germanium, Plastic
Wavelength range193nm to 10.6um
DOE design2-level (binary) to 16-level
Separation angle0.001° to 80° (larger angles require additional optics)
Diffraction efficiency64% - 98%
Element sizeFew mm to 150mm
Coating (optional)AR/AR Coating
Custom DesignAlmost any symmetry or arbitrary shape


  • Single Mode or Multimode input beam laser
  • High power threshold
  • Glass or plastic materials
  • Accurate angle separation
  • Insensitive to X-Y-Z displacements
  • Custom separation angle and shape
  • Any input beam shape
  • Wavelengths from UV to IR
  • Optional Ar/Ar coating


  • Parallel material processing
  • Medical/aesthetic treatment
  • Laser scribing (solar cells)
  • Glass dicing (LCD displays)
  • Laser display & illumination
  • Machine vision & 3D sensors
  • Fiber optics

DOE Tuner Module

To answer the demand for fine-tuning abilities of various output parameters when using a DOE, such as: shape/spot size, separation/divergence angle, etc., HOLO/OR designed a variable beam expander, optimized for use with Top-Hat beam shaper, Homogenizer, MultiSpot, and other DOE products. Another application is the fine-tuning of incident beam size before DOE for Top-Hat application, where […]

Undesired Diffracted Orders Blocker (UDOB)

For applications such as metrology and sensitive material processing, HOLO/OR has designed a compact universal module for blocking undesired spots of Multi-Spots or the “halo” effect of Homogenizers, providing a precise shape and energy distribution at the focal plane. The Undesired Diffractive Order Blocker (UDOB) can also be used to increase the edge sharpness of diffusers/homogenizers. A […]

Private: Dielectric Mask

Contents Introduction Dielectric Reflective Mask Transmissive Mask Introduction HOLO/OR has developed a series of projection masks to answer the demand of using such masks with very high powered laser sources in the UV-VIS spectrum. These masks have two different forms: the dielectric mask has a reflective coating that blocks unwanted light, and the transmissive mask […]

Private: DOE Expander

HOLO/OR introduces a new module for modifying certain output parameters of a Diffractive Optical Element (DOE). The module reduces or expands the full angle of a DOE output by a magnification factor. Unlike standard beam expander, our module takes into considerations the characteristics of our beam shaping, beam splitting and beam foci elements, thus achieving […]

Mounting Adapter

For the customer’s convenience, HOLO/OR offers a large range of mounting adapters for DOEs and other optical components. The DOE can be ordered separately from the adapter or already mounted onto it. We provide round adapters that fit either round or square optics. HOLO/OR can also offer a custom adapter for your needs. Square optic to round adapter: […]