Holo/Or Ltd. develops, designs and manufactures diffractive optical elements (DOEs) and micro-optical elements since 1989. We are proud to be the first to deliver diffractive optics to commercial applications and provide flexible solutions to different applications requirements. Our DOEs help hundreds of our customers around the world improve their system performance, or achieve results that cannot be reached otherwise.

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Years of Experience

30 +
Established 1989


5000 +
Standard designs

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Countries worldwide


Diffractive Optical Element (DOE) are phase elements that manipulate an input laser beam to various output profiles and shapes, using thin micro-structures embedded within the element. Diffractive optics enables many functions and light manipulations which are not feasible in standard refractive optics. In many applications those functions are very beneficial and significantly improve the system’s performance. 

HOLO/OR offers a vast variety of standard diffractive optical elements of the families listed below, and can also tailor make custom designs for every customer according to their specifications and needs.

Beam Angular Shaping

Beam Shaping

Beam Splitting

Beam Splitting

Beam Focal Shaping

Beam Foci


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HOLO/OR will participate in the Photonics West Exhibition, USA –  Booth #1665! 

Our staff of experienced application engineers will be glad to support your needs, and if you wish to schedule a meeting during the exhibition please contact us

Press Release

Acquisition Brings Expertise in Diffractive Optical Elements

Acquisition Brings Expertise in Diffractive Optical Elements

SCANLAB gets new sister company from Israel

Puchheim, Germany – August 31, 2020 – High quality laser scan system manufacturer SCANLAB GmbH has a new affiliate company. TechInvest Holding AG, the parent company of SCANLAB GmbH, is taking a 25 percent stake in the Israeli firm HOLO/OR Ltd. They are recognized as a pioneer in developing diffractive optical elements for industrial applications. With integrating these innovative micro-optical components, such as beam shapers, into its scan solutions SCANLAB can multiply the fields of application for its products.

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