A Ring generator DOE transforms a laser beam into a ring (by a Diffractive axicon DOE for MM lasers and by a Vortex DOE for SM lasers) or into a multiple amount of rings (by a Multi-Circles DOE). The Spiral Phase Plate (Vortex) transforms a Gaussian Single Mode TEM00 laser to a very small ring according to the topological charge. See our application notes on the Spiral Phase Plate for more information on the topological charge. A diffractive axicon transforms any input beam to a small or large ring and also images a point source into a line along the optical axis and increases the DOF (Depth Of Focus). A Multi-Circle DOE was recently proved to be the most appropriate light pattern for certain 3D mapping applications, especially with pipe/tube objects. Please contact us for custom angles and custom intensity distribution of the ring(s)
ring generator - vortex lens

Spiral Phase Plate (Vortex)

A Spiral Phase Plate (Vortex) DOE converts a Gaussian input laser beam into a small donut-shaped energy ring. The topological charge of the Spiral Phase Plate (Vortex) will determine the ring diameter. Standard Spiral Phase Plate

ring generator - diffrative axicon

Diffractive Axicon

A Diffractive Axicon a laser beam into a ring shape of any size requested by the customer. Standard Diffractive Axicon

ring generator - multi circles


A Diffractive Multi Circles transforms a laser beam into multiple rings. Standard Multi-Circles