Diffractive Multifocal (MF) lenses are widely used for glass cutting applications. In this process, multiple foci are formed along the cutting path, thus increasing the speed and accuracy of the process. 

To achieve optimal performances, small separation distances between neighbor foci and high-power densities are required. This is usually achieved with a high NA objective lens. However, the majority of off-the-shelf high-power objectives does not meet the application requirements and result in degraded performance.

To address this issue, HOLO/OR has develop a tailored focusing module for glass cutting applications, used with a Multifocal lens. HOLO/OR’s Multifocal module (MF module) maintains diffraction limited spots size at all foci.

glass cutting MF-module
Laser Glass Cutting

Advantages of the MF module:

  1. Complete solution – no need to purchase the components from separate vendors
  2. Enhanced performance – very low aberrations level, Diffraction limited spot size
  3. Accepts large input beam diameter (15mm or more), enabling smaller spots
  4. Tailored per customer’s parameters
  5. Compact module 
  6. Achieves more accurate results and increases process throughput
Focal Length 20mm
Clear Aperture 20mm
Focusing performanceDiffraction limited
Operating Wavelength Range 700-1100nm
Focal functionAny Multi Focal / Elongated Focus
Dimensions30mm dia. x 25mm length