Adjustable ring generator for laser welding applications | Online Webinar

Laser welding is used in a wide range of industrial applications including automotive, aerospace, batteries and many others.  A process-specific tailored laser intensity distribution can improve throughput, seam height, strength, and the edge smoothness of the joints. Holo/OR has developed a method to combine the accuracy of passive DOE shaping with the versatility of active methods. Holo/Or’s adjustable beam shapers can offer shaping such as a ring with central bright spot, where the ratio between ring and center can be adjusted by a simple movement of the beam on the element. 
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Adjustable ring shaper
Schematic sketch of a laser head with an integrated DOE shaper with manual x stage. Left DOE region shapes the incident beam into a ring, while the right shapes into a central round spot. Moving the element in the x axis changes the power ratios between the ring and center spot