Laser based defence applications are growing, covering a wide field of topics from laser  direct energy weapons, through laser  target designators,  laser system  for  anti drone and rocket defense and aerospace applications . Many of these applications require complex , high precision optical systems that are suitable for high power, rugged and customized to meet the needs of the specific application. 

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solutions for defence applications

Holo/Or has some unique solutions for laser defense applications , including custom beam shaping elements , diffractive prism arrays, diffractive lens arrays and diffractive beam splitter elements. Holo/Or can combine multiple optical functions into a single elements, and can manufacture elements with different sub-apertures, each having it’s own optical function. We can also create phase to compensate for phase errors of other optical components  such as lenses and mirrors, including correction of aberrations, tilt and defocus.

Relevant products:  Beam Shapers, collimated beam shaper, beam splitter


Diffractive optics for coherent beam combining

Holo/Or DOE Advantages

Our DOEs and other microptics  offer many advantages to laser based  defense system integrators :

  • All design & production is done in-house , in Israel
  • All DOEs have near absolute angular accuracy , due to our lithography based production method .
  • We can make large diffractive optics up to 200mm in diameter, thickness up to 9mm 
  • All HOLO/OR DOEs have High LDT and are suitable for extreme high power applications. 
  •  Our elements are fused silica and ZnSe etched optics that are flat, rugged ,and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. 
  • HOLO/Or DOEs are available at any wavelength from the deep UV 193nm to Co2 laser 10.6um. 
  • Long expertise in rapid design and production of custom, multi-function optical components for the defense industry