Laser beams with Top-hat energy distribution are being used for different applications in the laser material processing industry. Most systems in this industry include scanners and F-θ lenses in order to direct and focus the beam on the substrate. HoloOr is proud to introduce a new design for ~1.5x(Diffraction limit) beam shapers DOEs (Diffractive Optical Element) which is considerably cheaper than regular Top-hats. Those DOEs are specially designed to operate with scanners/F-θ lenses under high power lasers. Placing the beam shaper DOE before the scanner will create a top-hat energy distribution at the F-θ lens working plane. The use of this beam shaper does not affect the focal length of the system.

Tutorial on Small Beam Shaper & F-Theta scanner:

HOLO/OR has published a tutorial for scanning applications where a small binary beam shaper (~1.5 times Diffraction Limit) is used with a scanner & F-Theta set-up.

top-hat flat-top beam shaper with f-theta

Defocus effect of small TH:

Defocus effect of small TH compared to Gaussian (1D):

Small TH integration tool:

Holo/Or published a small beam shaper integration tool for MATLAB. This free of charge service provides intensity distribution for small beam shaper. The designer is free to choose the wavelength, input diameter, shape, and working distance of his preference. A link will be provided to get a fast quotation for the design simulated.

Download P-code for small beam shaper integration tool


  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • Change your MATLAB current folder to the unzipped folder
  • Write “help binaryTH” in the “Command Window” and click “Enter”
  • Follow the instructions in order to simulate your custom or standard Top-Hat design