Achromatic Shaping Solution with High Efficency

BD (Broadband Diffusers) are special beam shaping micro-refractive diffusers, dedicated to high power applications where multi-wavelength laser is used in the same optical path.

Typical applications are in the fields of aesthetic medicine where a few wavelengths are used for different procedures, microscopy applications with broadband wide spectrum sources, laser display projection (cinema), and some very specific scientific applications. 

A special manufacturing process that was developed in our company allows Holo/Or to make quick and affordable custom shapes and angles of the BD with delivery time comparable with diffractive diffusers. The BD element can be used in the same optical setups as a diffractive diffuser element. 

Designed using innovative modified fractal algorithms, the BD delivers some additional advantages such as:

  • Same performance for wide wavelength spectrum from IR to UV.
  • High efficiency
  • No Zero Order
BroadBand Diffuser

Comparison table: BD vs. Diffractive Diffuser

Broadband DiffuserDiffractive Homogenizer
Sensitivity To WavelengthNoYes (Zero Order and Diffusion Angle are sensitive)
Efficiency>90%Typical 80%, up to 95%
Shaping flexibiltylimited to basic shapes:round,line and rectanglesAny shape and profile
Transfer RegionGoodExcellent
Alignment SensitivityNone None
Suitable for wafer mass productionYesYes

SPEC TABLE FOR BROADBAND DIFFUSER ELEMENT BD-001 (Other Diffusion Angles up to 10 degrees AVAILABLE on request)

Type Broadband Diffuser
Optical Parameters
Diffusion Angle5 degrees
ShapeRound Flat-Top
Input Single Or Multi Mode
Element physical specs
Central Thickness1.524mm
MaterialUV grade Fused Silica

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