Laser Surface Texturing with DOE - an alternative method to DLIP | Online Webinar

Patterning the surfaces of different materials by laser surface texturing (LST) has great economic and ecological potential.

One of the most promising methods to achieve LIPSS (laser induced periodic surface structures) is by direct laser interference writing (DLIP). However, a typical setup for DLIP contains multiple elements and is highly sensitive to tolerances. 

Holo/Or has developed a novel family of beam splitters that enables one to achieve DLIP like structuring results with a single DOE and a focus lens, with no sensitivity to tolerances and a compact, industry compatible design. 

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DLITe Beam Splitter DOE for Laser Surface Texturing
51x51 spots generated from a single multispot DOE beam splitter, with continuous modulation of intensity similar to DLIP for Laser Surface Texturing
1 dimensional zoom on intensity level along axis