Design and manufacture of diffractive
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Dielectric (Projection / Imaging) Mask – Precision aperture for high power laser

Dielectric masks are glass substrates that have a very thin (~1um) patterned reflective coating. The coated part reflects the incoming beam while the uncoated part transmits the beam. The output in the near field will be very close to the shape of the pattern. In the far field some diffraction patterns may appear. One should not see significant diffraction, if one projects with a lens the output of the mask to an image plane, as shown in the figure below.

One can narrow the transition region from a beam-shaper by using the Dielectric mask as in the figure below.
One can also create any pattern that will be imaged with a lens. One cannot manage the intensity profile within a spot.

Typical set-up with a Dielectric mask

Dielectric Mask
Fig 1. Typical Set Up

  • Small Transfer region (~10um)
  • High Damage Threshold
  • Low absorption
  • High Reflection (>99%) in Reflective sections
  • High Transmission (>95%) in Transparent section(s)
  • Low Transmission (<0.5%) in Masked part (@532nm)
  • Very thin Masking Layer (~1um)
  • Design for single wavelength

Typical Parameters

  • Outer Diameter (5-76mm)

  • Aperture Shape (round, square, multiaperture, other)

  • Aperture Size (10um- 60mm)

  • Wavelength (193-11000nm)

HOLO/OR can design and manufacture a custom dielectric mask to match the customer's needs.

Custom Dielectric Mask
Fig 2.Real measurement of custom Dielectric Mask taken with microscope magnification

Standard products

Part Number Diameter (mm) Aperture Size (um) Aperture Shape Material
DM-002 11 65 Square Fused Silica
DM-003 11 165 Square Fused Silica
DM-004 25.4 1750 Square Fused Silica
DM-005 25.4 3500 Square Fused Silica
DM-006 25.4 7000 Square Fused Silica
DM-007 25.4 10838 Round Fused Silica
DM-008 20 8428 Round Fused Silica
DM-009 25.4 6200 Round Fused Silica
DM-010 25.4 5680 Round Fused Silica
DM-011 11 4817 Round Fused Silica
DM-012 11 3612 Round Fused Silica
DM-013 11 2408 Round Fused Silica
DM-014 11 4214.9 Round Fused Silica
DM-015 11 3000 Round Fused Silica
DM-016 11 5400 Round Fused Silica
DM-017 85 50075 Square Fused Silica
DM-019 25.4 300 Square Fused Silica
For a quotation of an above Part Number, please specify the wavelength used.

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