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Collimated Beam shaper

Collimated beam shaper collimated Top hat Collimated Beam Shaper Module is Holo/Or's tailored solution for applications requiring a wide working distance range or an extended depth of focus. The Collimated flat top is the natural complement for our more standard flat top beam shaper element which gives a uniform-intensity beam at a unique specified working distance. With a Collimated Beam Shaper Module, the uniform-intensity beam is maintained with high fidelity, power uniformity, and constant size/shape over an extended working distance range. The shape is well-defined with sharp edges, and can be round, square, rectangular, elliptical, line or any other dimension suiting the user. The Collimated Top-Hat will be a good solution for applications such as industrial surface treatment where the working surface can be located at widely varying distances from the laser delivery system. This ensures that the processing will be even and smooth with a clean edge at any working distance suiting the user's convenience, in the specified range.

collimated laser beam shaper

Specifications of Collimated Top-Hat Module design examples

System description  
Number of optical elements 3 3 2
Material Fused Silica
System length [mm] 210 110* 210
Input parameters  
Wavelength [nm] 532
Beam dia. size [mm] 4
M2 <1.5
Output parameters  
Shape Square Square Rectangular
Size [mm2] 1x1 1x1 1x4
Efficiency >95%
Collimation properties Collimated shape from 50 [mm] after last element along 50 [mm]
*: Compact version

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