HOLO/OR is an official distributor of VirtualLab optical modeling in both Israel and the European Economic Area (EEA).
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The VirtualLab™ package integrates several toolboxes, allowing analysis of systems, design of diffractive optical elements, design of beam shapers, analysis of gratings, analysis laser resonators as well as design and analysis of virtual and mixed reality systems.

Starter Toolbox

Analysis and optimization of optical systems including:

    • Refraction
    • Diffraction
    • Interference
    • Polarization
    • Coherence
    • Color
    • Ultrashort pulses


Diffractive Optics Toolbox

  • Design and analysis of:
    • Diffractive optical elements
    • Diffractive lenses
    • Diffusers
    • Diffractive beam splitters
    • Diffractive and beam shapers
    • Computer generated holograms
    • Kinoforms
  • Design and analysis of:
    • Micro lenses and micro lens arrays
    • Refractive beam shapers

Laser Resonator Toolbox

  • Analysis of eigenmodes of
    stable resonators
  • Modeling of active media
  • Simulation of diffraction
    effects at apertures and
    micro structures
  • Investigation of tolerances
  • Shaping of fundamental
    mode by micro-structured
  • LASCAD import

Grating Toolbox

  • Electromagnetic analysis of 2D and 3D
    gratings with the Fourier Modal Method
    • Diffraction efficiency, near/far field,
      and polarization analysis.
    • Simulation of surface, volume,
      and Bragg gratings.
    • Analysis of gratings with sub-
      wavelength features and above.
  • Very flexible grating layout
  • Parametric optimization

Lighting Toolbox

  • Design and analysis of grating cells arrays for light deflection:
    • Shaping and homogenization of LED light.
    • Generation of light marks and light patterns.
  • Includes diffraction, interference, and partial coherence effects.

Waveguide toolbox for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

  • Advanced PSF/MTF calculation for arbitrarily shaped and fully or partially illuminated apertures, with consideration of wave front aberrations
  • Modeling of near-eye-display / head-up-display
  • Non-sequential ray tracing informed by a physical optics-based energy concept
  • Simulation and analysis of hihgh-NA freeform surfaces

Industry Applications

Lithographic Illumination and Imaging Systems

  • Development of optical components and systems of mask aligners, waver steppers and mask inspection systems.
  • Design and analysis of mask illumination systems for homogenization of Excimer laser beams by lens arrays and DOE's.
  • Simulation of lens surface tolerances and Schlieres/reams and their effect on the image quality.
  • Simulation of mask imaging and mask inspection systems including scattering of light at masks and nano structures.

LED Illumination Systems

  • Development of optical systems for shaping and homogenization of LED light.
  • Development of backlight illuminations of projection systems.
  • Generation of light patterns and light marks for illumination and measurement applications.

Laser Systems

  • Optimization and analysis of laser systems for:
    • Material processing
    • Technical illuminations
    • Display applications (for example laser projection system)
    • Measurements processes (overlap with market segment metrology)
    • Medical applications
    • Air and space application
    • Defense and security
    • Free space communication (excluding integrated optical systems)
  • Laser systems that require micro structured optical elements.

Laser Cavities

  • Development and manufacturing of solid state and gas lasers for various applications, e.q.:
    • Material processing
    • Illuminations
    • Display applications (for example laser projection system)
    • Measurements processes
    • Medical applications
    • Air and space application
    • Defense and security
    • Communication

Micro and Diffractive Optical Components

  • Optimization and analysis of diffractive optical elements for various applications.

Solar Cells

  • Optical simulation of light reflection, absorption and transmission at solar cell surfaces and within layers.


  • Development spectrometers for:
    • Medical applications (medical measurements)
    • Color measurements
    • Ecological measurements
    • Characterization of light sources
    • Astronomy

Optical Metrology

  • Development of devices for optical measurement of:
    • Lenses
    • Micro optical components
    • 3D surface inspection of work pieces (measurement for example by projection of bars and grids)
  • Typical measurement devices are:
    • Interferometers
    • Bar/grid projection systems
    • Profilometers