Since 2014, HOLO/OR produces plastic DOEs. Low to medium power applications do not necessarily require DOE made of glass.
HOLO/OR offers low cost, mass production of diffractive elements using an injection molding technology. The main plastic types are: Polycarbonate, PMMA, Zeonex and Zoner.

Standard plastic DOEs

Our standard list is constantly growing with new DOEs available in plastic for mass production; All standard DOEs do not have antireflective coating.

Homogenizer / Diffuser

TypeWavelength (nm)Dimensions (mm)MaterialDiffusion angle [deg]Output ShapeEfficiency

Beam Splitter

TypeWavelength (nm)Dimensions (mm)MaterialSeparation angle [deg]Number of SpotsEfficiency
MS-447-Q-N-X5326x8x0.6Polycarbonate0.49x0.49164 spots [target] 64.3
MS-466-Q-N-X5326x8x0.6Polycarbonate0.49x0.4992 spots [target]63.4
MS-467-Q-N-X53210x10x0.6Polycarbonate0.17x0.17181x181 [random] 67
MS-469-850-N-X85010x10x0.6Polycarbonate0.32x0.32101x101 [random]66.8

Target DOEs

Multispot DOEs with the remark “target” is an element that produces a number of spots building a typical target, refer also to below image.

Random DOEs

Multispot DOEs with the remark “random” have a random pattern of spots, when 50% of the dot matrix are potential spots and will be “on”, and this is determined by a randomizing algorithm.

Standard MS DOEs

Multispot DOEs without any additional remark, show a homogenous distribution of the spots, as shown in the image below:

For custom DOEs

If you are interested in custom plastic DOEs, please provide the following data:

  • Description of application
  • Wavelength
  • Beam definition (diameter, input mode, divergence)
  • DOE dimension – if some specific values are needed
  • Working distance
  • Requested output shape at working distance
  • Special needs (high efficiency, high homogeneity, AR coating)
  • Quantity for samples and serial production

You can use our contact us link to send your requirements.