Achromatic Shaping Solution with High Efficency

BD (Broadband Diffusers) are special beam shaping micro-refractive diffusers, dedicated to high power applications where multi-wavelength laser is used in the same optical path.

Typical applications are in the fields of aesthetic medicine where a few wavelengths are used for different procedures, microscopy applications with broadband wide spectrum sources, laser display projection (cinema), and some very specific scientific applications. 

A special manufacturing process that was developed in our company allows Holo/Or to make quick and affordable custom shapes and angles of the BD with delivery time comparable with diffractive diffusers. The BD element can be used in the same optical setups as a diffractive diffuser element. 

Designed using innovative modified fractal algorithms, the BD delivers some additional advantages such as:

  • Same performance for wide wavelength spectrum from IR to UV.
  • High efficiency
  • No Zero Order
Broadband Diffuser

Comparison table: BD vs. Diffractive Diffuser

Broadband DiffuserDiffractive Homogenizer
Sensitivity To WavelengthNoYes (Zero Order and Diffusion Angle are sensitive)
Efficiency>90%Typical 80%, up to 95%
Shaping flexibiltylimited to basic shapes:round,line and rectanglesAny shape and profile
Transfer RegionGoodExcellent
Alignment SensitivityNone None
Suitable for wafer mass productionYesYes


Type Broadband Diffuser
Optical Parameters
Diffusion Angle5 degrees
ShapeRound Flat-Top
Input Single Or Multi Mode
Element physical specs
Central Thickness1.524mm
MaterialUV grade Fused Silica

Diffusion angles up to 10 degrees available upon request.

BD elements can be produced on either UV grade fused silica or high grade Polymer on Glass fully compatible with SMT soldering.

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