Design and manufacture of diffractive
optical elements


Input Parameters
Wavelength [nm]:1064
Minimum Beam Diameter [mm]:>0.26
Beam Mode (SM/MM):SM or MM
Element Parameters
Element Type:Window
Material:Fused Silica
Diameter (D) [mm]:25.4
Clear Aperture [mm]:22.9
Thickness (CT) [mm]:3
Coating:AR/AR coating
Output Parameters & Estimated Performance
Number of spots:7
Full Angle [deg]:2.86
Separation Angle [deg]:1.43
Transmission efficiency [%]:Close to 100%
Overall Efficiency [%]:~ 77
Uniformity (Contrast) [%]:<3*
Zero-Order relative to the average [%]:90-120**
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*: Not included zero order

**: For more details on zero order, please click here