Design and manufacture of diffractive
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Diffractive Optics

HOLO/OR is proud to present the most diverse and extensive collection of "off-the-shelf" diffractive optical elements in the industry, allowing us to offer various solutions at competitive prices.
Our vast technological experience in tailoring optical solutions for specific client needs has produced several high efficiency, accurate products for various applications including: Medical Lasers, Instrumentation, Laser Optics, Material Processing, sensors and others.

Beam Shaping
A beam shaping element transforms any input beam into the desired shape with desired intensity distribution.
  • The Top-Hat/Stable Top-Hat element reshapes a Single Mode (SM) TEM00 input beam laser into a flat-top intensity distribution of any shape.
  • The Diffuser element reshapes a Multimode (MM) input beam laser into a flat-top intensity distribution of any shape.
  • The ring generator transforms any input beam (SM or MM) into a single ring or to several concentric rings.

Beam Shaper Square Shape Diffuser homogenizer Ring generator - Laser Optics
Top-Hat for SM TEM00 lasers Diffusers for MultiMode lasers Ring Generator
Beam Splitting
A Beam splitting element is used for splitting a single laser beam into several beams, each with the characteristics of the original beam (except for power and angle of propagation).
  • A 1D Beam Splitter converts an input laser beam into an array of beamlets over a line.
  • A 2D Beam Splitter converts an input laser beam into a 2D matrix of beamlets (X and Y axes).
  • The Custom Beam Splitter converts an input laser beam into a matrix of beamlets arranged in a custom shape, such as a hexagon, cross, circle, triangle, and many others.
  • The Binary Phase Grating is a special 1D Damman grating. The modulation depth is adapted to the customer requirements.
  • The Diffractive Beam Sampler allows the high power beam (zero order) to propagate undisturbed along the optical axis and produces two side beams of low energy.

Beam Splitter Beam Splitting multispot beam splitter grating binary phase beam sampler - diffractive optics
Beam Splitter 1D Beam Splitter 2D Custom Beam Splitter Grating Beam Sampler
Beam Foci
Beam Foci is a category of products which have infuence on and affects the intensity profile of the propagation axis (optical axis).
  • The Multifocal DOE creates several foci on the optical axis instead of a single focus as formed by a single refractive lens.
  • The Elongated Focus DOE produces a continuous intensity profile along the Depth Of Focus and doesn't suffer from areas with low energy between neighboring focal spots.
  • The Dual wavelength combines 2 incident beams with different wavelengths into the same focus.

Lase r multifocal laser extended depth of focus Dual wavelength
Multi-Focal DOE Elongated Focus Dual Wavelength
DOE's Accessories
To complement our in-house diffractive optical elements, HOLO/OR designs and manufactures specialized optical modules to achieve the highest performances with DOEs.
  • The Undesired Diffracted Orders Blocker (UDOB) blocks undesired spots of MultiSpot or parasitic energy found in a diffuser / Homogenizer, enabling precise shape and energy distribution at the focal plane.
  • The DOE Tuner is intended to fine-tune many characteristics of Beam-Shaping and Beam-Splitting results, such as: adjusting separation angle of a MultiSpot DOE, Top-Hat size at the focal plane, or divergence angle of diffuser / Homogenizer.
  • The Dielectric mask is a custom aperture built from a very thin high reflection/patterned layer (~1[Ám]) used to improve performances when combined with a DOE and minimize diffraction effects when used with an imaging lens.
  • The Beam Shaping Focuser is a focusing module optimized for a Top-Hat (Beam Shaper) DOE. The focusing module is useful for short wavelengths and short Effective Focal Length (EFL) systems with a large input beam size.
  • The DOE Expander reduces or expands the full angle of a DOE output by a magnification factor.

Undesired order blocker DOE tuner Dielectric mask Beam Shaping focuser DOE expander
UDOB DOE Tuner Dielectric Mask Beam Shaping Focuser DOE Expander
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