Design and manufacture of diffractive
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Beam Homogenizer / Optical Diffuser

Holo/Or has vast variety of solutions for beam homogenizing and beam shaping:
Using our Beam Homogenizer product, you can convert any collimated input beam profile into a well-defined beam with homogenized intensity. Any desired shape, for any wavelength can be achieved.
A Beam Homogenizer is very useful in many applications requiring a well-defined beam shape with a randomly-diffused intensity profile.
The output of the Beam Homogenizers will depend on the input beam profile:
A multi-mode laser beam actually has an advantage when used with beam homogenizer, as their degraded coherence will reduce the visibility of speckles and therefore create a more uniform intensity profile than with single mode laser input.

For Single Mode laser TEM00 (with M2 < 1.5), we generally recommend to use our Beam Shaper product line: Click here for more information on Beam Shaper.
Laser Diffuser
Square Homogenizer
Laser Beam Homogenizer
Hexagonal Homogenizer
Laser Homogenizer
Round Homogenizer
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example: HM-274-I-Y-A

Materials:Fused Silica, ZnSe, Germanium, Plastic
Wavelength range:193nm to 10.6um
DOE design:2-level (binary) to 16-level
Diffraction efficiency:75% - 98%
Element size:Few mm to 100mm
Coating (optional):AR/AR Coating
Custom Design:Tailored shape and intensity distribution
Pattern angles @532nm:Few mRad to 160deg
Diffusers element may have a zero-order brighter spot in the center of the image, depending on the user optical set up. For more information, consult our application notes.
  • Works with single or multi mode input beams
  • Glass or plastic materials
  • Low centration requirement
  • Any output shape or symmetry
  • Uniform/Tailored intensity profile
  • Laser homogenizing/shaping
  • Laser material processing: perforation, ablation, drilling, marking, scribing and welding
  • Medical/aesthetic laser treatment
  • Beam shaping for Excimer lasers
  • Hot spot reducer
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